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Plata Silver Tequila

When it comes to tequila, Hornitos® Plata is definitely a shot worth taking! It's expertly crafted to bring out an agave-forward taste that sets it apart from the rest. This silver tequila is smooth and lively in flavor, making it a must-have for any occasion that calls for a celebration or gathering. From signature margaritas to tequila shots, Hornitos® Plata is the perfect way to experience the unique flavor of tequila. Whether you're looking for a delicious new cocktail recipe or a classy celebration sip, A Shot Worth Taking®—Hornitos® Plata—is sure to be a hit.


Plata Silver Tequila

Tasting Notes

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Crystal Clear with Silver Hints.

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Floral, Fruity and Herbal with Light Citrus Notes.

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Agave Forward with Citrus Notes.

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Warm With Medium Body and Short, But Smooth Finish, Followed by Dryness.


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Our Reposado rests for at least two months in large oak vats to ensure minimal contact with the wood, giving it a livelier agave taste than most wood-treated tequilas.

AÑEJO Tequila

We age our Añejo in white oak barrels for at least a year, so it has a smoother, more complex flavor and a distinctive amber color.

Cristalino Tequila

We took a shot at making our smoothest tequila yet - and succeeded.


Giving whiskey makers a run for their money.

Related Cocktails

Hornitos Reposado Margarita

Hornitos Reposado Margarita

This easy-to-make drink is made with Hornitos Reposado tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, and just a splash of agave syrup to give it an extra zing. Stir all the ingredients together and serve this refreshing and delicious margarita in salt-rimmed glasses. Not only is it a stirringly good way to kick-off your next celebration, but the deliciousness of the Hornitos tequila is sure to be the talk of the party! So, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Hornitos and get to shaking! With one sip, you and your friends will be toasting in cheers!

Image of Glass filled with Margarita cocktail and A reposado bottle in background
Image of Glass filled with Margarita cocktail and A reposado bottle in background
Hornitos Paloma

Hornitos Paloma

Named after La Paloma ("The Dove"), the popular folk song composed in the early 1860s, the Paloma is a simple and refreshing summer cocktail. Traditionally, the classic Paloma recipe calls for Hornitos Plata tequila, Ruby Red grapefruit juice, club soda, and a simple syrup for sweetening. The sweet and tart flavors of this cocktail—paired with its light and refreshing nature—make the Paloma an ideal summertime drink. For those looking for something unique yet classic, try out the Paloma and experience it for yourself!

Image of a glass filled with paloma cocktail
Image of glass filled with paloma cocktail
Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila Old Fashioned

Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila Old Fashioned

This twist on a timeless favorite pairs smooth Hornitos® Black Barrel Tequila and Italian Amaro liqueur with dashes of bitters for an extra kick of flavor. Best enjoyed straight up or on the rocks, this cocktail is sure to become a new go-to for any tequila lover. Make it for yourself or serve up a batch for a few friends - either way, you're sure to love its balance of sweetness and spice. Cheers!

Image of a glass half filled with Old Fashioned Cocktail with garnishing of Orange peel
Lifestyle Image of Old Fashioned Cocktail garnished with orange peel and ice
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